Home Wreckers


Home Wreckers: A Visual Diary of Influential Women.

The “home wrecker” is an enigma both feared and admired in our culture. In this visual diary, I use the term to describe women on the peripheral of society; those who are shamed and celebrated for their radical lifestyles and ideas. By taking on their physical appearance and attitude I created self-portraits which document a selection of women who have had a profound impact on my life; for better or for worse. Everyone we meet makes an impression on our psyche and at times we may embrace that influence while other times we may bury it deep within our sub-conscience. Simultaneously, it demonstrates the struggle of personal identity and the alienation of women who are not accepted by mainstream society employing themes such as, ethnic identity, unconventional sexuality, and social ineptness.

Analogue Photography, Film Photography, Self-Portrait, Black and White, 35 mm